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Drinks With Kate 2022 – Pack 2


Drinks With Kate, 2022, Pack 2


Welcome to year three of Drinks with Kate!  As the song says, ‘from little things…’ – and how this has grown!  It’s time for Box 2 already – how the year is flying by!


If you are new to the concept, it is pretty straightforward.  Purchase the box of six wines, and then, starting on March 31st, Kate will broadcast a live tasting, each Thursday at 6pm on the Moorooduc Estate Live YouTube channel.  We generally taste one wine, per week, (but in week 2 and 3 we are tasting one and 1/2 bottles wine) and Kate will send you an email early that week to remind you which wine we are tasting, and what sort of food we should match to it.  This box will be tasted over 5 weeks.


This is a very different tasting experience than coming into cellar door – you make the rules in your own home – have a few nibbles with the wine pre-dinner or throw together a three course meal to enjoy.  You can invite friends over, or just use it to bring the household together and ease into the weekend a day early…

We spend around 40 minutes catching up, and having a serious, but fun, taste of just one wine.  Actually we are mixing it up this round and doing a couple of comparative tastings.  Folks from last year will hopefully have kept their empty 1/2 bottle in readiness – if you are new this year, or threw out the 1/2 bottle in a fit of New Year’s cleaning, you’ll have to purchase a half bottle (375ml) of something – it doesn’t have to be wine, (soft drink or fruit juice would work – but not metho, or pickled chillies), a glass bottle with a screw cap is best – consume the contents and rinse out with hot water and allow to air dry before week 2…


I will include these, and more instructions in a letter in the the box, so you have everything you need to prepare for this round of drinks…


* You will need a Google account to log in to the chat, but that’s easy.  Alternately, just watch along anonymously live or whenever suits you!


**please remember to log in to your wine club account to get free shipping. If your account isn’t set up yet please get in touch by email, or by phone.

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Drinks With Kate 2022 – Pack 2


2015 Robinson Pinot – (21st March)

2017 Estate Pinot Gris – (7th April)

2020 Franz Haas Pinot Grigio* – (7th & 14th of April)

*(you will need an empty 1/2 bottle on the 7th and we will decant half for tasting the following week – more details in the letter in the box)

2019 DBC Pinot Gris – (14th April)

2020 Magic Stalks Shiraz – (21st April)

2019 DBC Pinot Noir – (28th April)


* You will need a Google account to log in to the chat, but that’s easy. Alternately, just watch along anonymously live or whenever suits you!